I am Sara Jones…

I make a mark on canvas because I want to open the door to the senses, to see what is possible. A Painter considers the position they occupy in their World and inhabits a space in the world with others by their understanding and connects with the mind of the viewer, all without the language of words and a different vibrational energy.

Painting reveals a piece of your soul and you become a microcosm in the macrocosm. It is through art we learn to translate what is and we can learn about tasting with the eyes. Inexplicably, the value of a painting becomes apparent when the picture moves us to our senses, if it “speaks ” to us without the use of noise.

Surveillance is observation and mindfulness is being actively attentive to the observation. Our symbiotic agreement of the view and viewer or the act of being the subject or the object become self defining.

Having studied Graphic Design at Art School, my career was an Art Director in Advertising Agencies, working with Corporate companies as a team with a Copywriter. More recently I returned to painting, it was a privilege to be invited to paint.

Each painting has a different decision making process. The relationship of the subject, the celebration of colour or light and its energy. The riches of life – people, places, things, nature and experiences. Bringing delight and inspiration with sparkling creativity, encouragement and a splash of “Beautiful. I like it!”

Sara Jones paintingPresently, I am looking to creating a positive influence from painting as it brings me joy and what can be achieved by it. I am looking toward the local charities. I love most sports and have a family who are sports mad. Over a decade ago I began teaching yoga. I taught in many different venues: local village halls, private homes, corporate events, local authorities, plush health clubs and disability centres. The outcome was the same from each different venue, a sense of calm and balance. I see a compatability with sport and art. It becomes very interesting to see what can be achieved to help worthy causes through art.

I have exhibited nationally in art fairs, yoga workshops, special events and galleries. Specialising in acrylics, use of oils and pastels. I have illustrated book covers, illustrations in several publications, packaging and box designs.

yoga with Sara


So let’s get the brushes moving…

I am aiming to communicate with sportsmen and women to see whether they would like to become involved and help raise money towards the good causes. If you are a good cause or know anyone who would like to help put something back please get in contact.

Where’s the link with yoga?

Well first there’s Karma – Good intent and good deed contribute to good karma and future happiness. Someone taught me “If you contribute something, you will always be happy.”

The Mindful meditation – reduces stress through meditation. Research is discovering it has some quite extraordinary effects on the brain for those who do it regularly.

Yoga – the physical asanas (postures) bestows mental benefits, such as a calmer, more relaxed mind as well as holistic therapy to the physical body. Win win!


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